Blockstream is evil

I think we in the bitcoin community are facing a situation which is similar to what is described in this video: To illustrate the evilness of some of the folks refusing a block size limit increase I point you to the example Luke Dashjr also known as Luke-Jr. He has been employed on occasion[…]

The Blockstream block size coup (attempt)

To the best of my judgement bitcoin is in the middle of a coup attempt. The intellectual part of the attack force is headed by Blockstream. Who knows who else is behind. Probably some very powerful forces. Some background reading: If bitcoin is not allowed to scale bitcoin is probably basically worthless.[…]

Cryptocurrencies and smart contracts can significantly improve the open source business model

According to the usage share of Linux based desktop operating systems is 1.55%. For mobile and tablet the share is much higher, 66.77% and 30.98% respectively. Why the huge difference between desktop and mobile/tablet? I believe the reason is that Android which is the dominating Linux based system on mobile and tablet has a[…]