Coup attempt defeated by creating Bitcoin Cash. Now we can move forward without having roadblocks ahead

I have mentioned several times that bitcoin is/was under attack by the Blockstream people who literally have done what they could to Block(the)Stream of bitcoin transactions. On the 1st of August 2017 some of the more propaganda resistent people in the bitcoin community created a minority fork of bitcoin. That day every bitcoin owner came[…]

How to make sense of segregated witness

Segregated witness is a complete change of the security model of bitcoin. Why would anyone want to do that? The previous security model has worked perfectly to secure payments for users and merchants so a reasonable explanation is that it is not in the interest of users and merchants to completely change the security model.[…]

Blockstream is evil

I think we in the bitcoin community are facing a situation which is similar to what is described in this video: To illustrate the evilness of some of the folks refusing a block size limit increase I point you to the example Luke Dashjr also known as Luke-Jr. He has been employed on occasion[…]