Coup attempt defeated by creating Bitcoin Cash. Now we can move forward without having roadblocks ahead

I have mentioned several times that bitcoin is/was under attack by the Blockstream people who literally have done what they could to Block(the)Stream of bitcoin transactions.

On the 1st of August 2017 some of the more propaganda resistent people in the bitcoin community created a minority fork of bitcoin. That day every bitcoin owner came to also own an amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) identical to the amount of Bitcoin the person owned. Users “just” need to load their bitcoin keys into a Bitcoin Cash wallet.

Bitcoin Cash has got rid of the 1 MB blocksize limit and replace-by-fee. Segwit is also not getting into Bitcoin Cash. Payments are cheap and reliable in Bitcoin Cash ((see, so now we can start building for mass adoption without having roadblocks ahead. Building takes time. So far, we have a limited number of Bitcoin Cash wallets (see and exchanges (see, but we still need the payment businesses. I expect, that it is just a matter of time and building. Bitcoin Cash will soon be able to take off.

Expect more features and more optimizations to come to BCH in 2018. And more supporting businesses and BCH-accepting merchants.

Bitcoin (BTC) is dying. Long live the reborn bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which has wrestled itself free from the ideas of the indoctrinated. BCH will have a stronger “immune system” due to having escaped the Blockstream “infection”.