A personal message to Dr. Craig Steven Wright, the inventor of bitcoin

Dear Dr. Craig Steven Wright

I am sorry that some bad people chose to disregard your desire for privacy. But now that we all know you are Satoshi Nakamoto I would like to thank you for your gift to mankind. You are truly a genius and a great human being. The revelation of Satoshis true identity will perhaps have severe negative consequences for you. But instead of focusing on the negative I suggest you try to get the most out of the situation. You can yield an enormous power because of your earned authority. I suggest you use it to influence the way the bitcoin project moves forward. You can do that with some general statement but also with some very specific advice with respect to how the miners (and other players) solve the present leadership crisis. I suggest you give very specific advice to miners about what software you suggest they shift to when. A lot of people will follow your advice which will enable the necessary fork.

Best Regard

Steffen Sølling aka bitcoinsteffen

EDIT: And please also PROVE that you are the real Satoshi Nakamoto.