The Blockstream block size coup (attempt)

To the best of my judgement bitcoin is in the middle of a coup attempt. The intellectual part of the attack force is headed by Blockstream. Who knows who else is behind. Probably some very powerful forces.

Some background reading:

If bitcoin is not allowed to scale bitcoin is probably basically worthless. If bitcoin is only allowed to scale in another way than its natural way (more and more of its traditional transactions) but only in a centrally approved way then bitcoin is dangerous and primarily valuable to the ones controlling the center. We know who is heading the intellectual part of the attack. That is Blockstream. I guess we can be sure some very powerful people either support Blockstream or will (try to) take advantage of the attempted Blockstream coup.

Satoshi Nakamoto ended his famous paper with these words:
“Nodes can leave   and   rejoin   the   network   at   will,   accepting   the   proof-of-work   chain   as   proof   of   what happened while they were gone.  They vote with their CPU power, expressing their acceptance of valid blocks by working on extending them and rejecting invalid blocks by refusing to work on them.  Any needed rules and incentives can be enforced with this consensus mechanism.

If miners do not accept that they are the ones who set the rules and do so in a responsible manner it is game over for bitcoin. My best proposal is that you miners start meeting and coordinate how to break the blockstream coup attempt. The block size limit most go.