Why Bitcoin Cash?

Why Bitcoin Cash is a great idea

Are you a physical retailer or an online merchant who is considering offering your customers to accept payments in Bitcoin Cash?

I can help you by telling you about all the benefits with Bitcoin Cash and help you with what you specifically have to do to get started

Experience from a merchant using the service: Accept Bitcoin and Get a 3% Increase in Your Margins

Accept Bitcoin Cash and get paid in euros, dollars, kroner and more

Get cash in your bank account within 2 days

No setup cost and no merchant transaction cost - request 100 dollars and get paid exactly 100 dollars

No more chargebacks - the Bitcoin Cash payment is final and guaranteed

Be a first mover and get lots of publicity. Retriever is the Nordic Region’s leading supplier of media monitoring and tools for news research, media analysis and corporate information. On behalf of Coinify they estimated the value of the publicity it gave Hungry.dk that they started accepting bitcoin payments. It was estimated to between 831.000 og 1.939.000 Danish kroner. Larger companies should obviously expect more publicity.

Bitcoin Cash users are probably more enthusiastic users. They are willing to switch to a new supplier if it gives them the option to pay with Bitcoin Cash. Read: Increased sales. Also see Survey: 3% of Consumers Would Switch Retailers for Bitcoin http://www.coindesk.com/survey-3-of-consumers-would-switch-retailers-for-bitcoin/.